Your Favourite Quotеs=)

Автор: Elya Izmaylova
Опубликовано: 2735 дней назад (26 декабря 2014)
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Waitress: Wow, nice.
Charlie: No, no. That's not what I was saying.
Waitress: Coffee? (she then looks at Charlie) Hitler?
Charlie: No, I'm not, not Adolf Hitler.
Waitress: I'll make sure to put a lot of cream in yours.

Sweet Dee: How could you not tell me you were gay?
Terrell: I'm a musical theater actor!

Terrell: Also, first thing we gotta do is get rid of these shamrocks. 'Cause nothing scares Gays and Black folks like Irish crap, you know whadda I mean?

Mac: Oh, and hookups are good. But just to be clear... when you say your 'sista;' do you mean your sister or your friend?

Mac: We weren't expecting you to be black, that's all...

Drug Dealer: What you need?
Dennis: Uh, one, please.
Drug Dealer: One what?
Dennis: Uh... one rock of crack.
Dee: One crack...
Dennis: A crack rock. Is that enough? Is one crack rock enough? I don't...

Mac: You guys can't get welfare.
Dee: Uh, yeah, we can.
Mac: No, you can't. They don't give it to any jackass that walks in here. It's reserved for people who need it, okay?
Charlie: That's true...
Mac: Drug addicts. Mentally disabled. People with dependents, that sort of thing...
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